Sunday Book Review! ENTANGLED by: Melissa Brayden


Josephine Wilder’s torrid love affair is with Tangle Valley Vineyard, her family’s legacy. She’s grown up dreaming between the vines. She’s always had secret ideas about how to make the place shine, so when it passes to her, Joey vows to make Tangle Valley everything she knows it can be. Her biggest obstacle? That overly commercial hotel going up, and the uppity manager trying to kill the vineyard’s rustic charm.

Becca Crawford loves to unwind with a good glass of wine. An astute business woman who has climbed the hospitality ladder, she’s the perfect person to head up Elite Resorts’ newest property, The Jade Hotel, and give tourists all the luxury they desire. As a bonus, The Jade is not far from the cutest vineyard with the best pinot she’s ever tasted. If only the captivating owner would get on board with her plan and stop badmouthing the hotel to everyone in town.

Is it possible that a nice glass of red could help Becca and Joey see each other in a new and alluring light?

It has been a hot minute since I’ve shared a book recommendation with you guys, but I am back with an absolute win on multiple levels.

Melissa Brayden is a new to me author, but most definitely not a new one. She is a multi-award winning author with eighteen books under her belt. A special thanks to Bold Strokes Books for allowing me to review this ARC and introduce me to a writer I have immediately become a huge fan of.

Entangled ticks off soooo many of my boxes. It’s set in a small town and our main character Joey owns a vineyard. Yeah, both are serious forms of catnip for me. Add in that it’s located in my favorite part of the country (where I hope to live in an early retirement that will certainly never happen) I absolutely adore, the Pacific Northwest. Insert all the mega heart-eyes here. I knew from page one that I would love Entangled and the story and Ms. Brayden’s talent definitely did not disappoint.

Joey and Becca have immediate chemistry, but their relationship is a deliciously drawn out slow burn because Becca just so happens to be in charge of The Jade, a luxury resort that’s part of a large national change that the people in Whisper Wall, and Joey especially, fear will affect their way of life, their income, and drive tourists from the small bed and breakfasts that have been family run for generations to the large, flashy hotel.

To the point Joey, a woman who is a bit of an introvert, finds herself front and center at a town hall meeting urging the city to stop the resort from opening in their little community.

While the black moment of their story was one I saw coming, Ms. Brayden’s depth of writing is so enthralling that you’re too busy enjoying the ride to sweetly satisfying final destination.

Entangled is a simmering slow burn romance, but I also fully believe it would be appealing for lovers of women’s fiction. The friendships between Joey, Maddie, and Gabriella are well developed and engaging as well as incredibly entertaining. And the side benefit of learning the ins and outs of winery is something I really enjoyed. All that topped off with a deeply fulfilling happily ever after that gives all the happy sighs long after you flip the final page which makes Entangled a story I can’t recommend highly enjoy to both fans of lesbian romance and those who have never ventured into that genre before.

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