Sunday Book Review! STARCROSSED by: Allie Therin


Good Sunday morning and welcome back to my little corner of the blog-o-verse after my hiatus. For anyone who comes across this and doesn’t know, I work in healthcare and the spread of COVID to America, and specifically my state, spiraled my dayjob into a level of insanity never before seen. And I work in a subspecialty that basically thrives on insane so me saying that is REALLY saying a lot. However, now things have calmed slightly and I’m more than ready to return to my book reviewing normal.

Quick PSA before I dive into the actual review. If you’ve requested a review from me that got lost in the sea of pandemic induced chaos, feel free to drop me a line and I will be more than happy to reschedule your review!

That said, let’s talk about Starcrossed! And I am sooooo ready to discuss this book. Actually I’ve already discussed this IN DEPTH with the bestie (and you can feel free to check out her review here) because we did a little joint read so we could gush over ALL THE THINGS. It’s sort of required when you are reading an Allie Therin novel.

If you’ve read Spellbound (and seriously, if you haven’t go do that now. Just stop reading this review and download that piece of tasty goodness to your preferred ereader. Go, I’ll wait), you’ll know what I mean when I say I had expectations going into Starcrossed. Ms. Therin’s debut was one of my favorite 2019 reads and I was fully expecting the same thrill-ride excitement in Starcrossed. I am so pleased to report that by the end of the read I had experienced, and was experiencing, many, many, MANY emotions, but disappointment was not one of them.

The character traits she’d set up in Spellbound with our commanding, decisive, and oh-so-protective Ace and grumpy little Rory carried through. One of my favorite things to see is the underdog rising up to become the hero and, once again, Rory had that brilliant arc… even though there were several points where I didn’t think it was possible.

Side note: as it has been WELL ESTABLISHED I love me some broken men. Rory has a backstory where you basically can see the broken pretty obviously, but Ace… well Ace was a completely different ball of wax. From the outside, he appeared to have it all, but he had scars he kept well hidden, both literally and metaphorically. As well as the most evil of monsters hiding under his proverbial bed.

Starcrossed is everything I’ve come to expect from an Allie Therin novel with lots of action and intrigue. I’d recommend Spellbound even to fantasy lovers who aren’t quite as into the romance side of PNR. Ace and Rory each travel unique paths over the course of this story that lead them on separate journeys to the same end goal and encounter demons of both the mental and emotional kind as well as physical ones.

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