Sunday Book Review! IF THE BOOT FITS by: Rebekah Weatherspoon

Working as the personal assistant to one of Hollywood’s cruelest divas has left Amanda Queen more determined than ever to sell her screenplay and gain her independence. In the meantime, she’ll settle for a temporary escape. When her employer is felled by the flu on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, Amanda gets her glam on, struts out the door, and parties with the glitterati. But she never expects to come face to face—and closer than close—with one of the hottest stars in the game . . .

Following up his first Oscar win with a steamy after-hours romp with an enigmatic woman seems like the perfect way for actor Sam Pleasant to celebrate—until she suddenly disappears. Worse, she’s vanished with the wrong swag bag: the one containing his Oscar statue, leaving Sam even more intrigued about the beauty’s identity—and wondering if a repeat performance of their amazing night is in the stars. And when a second chance encounter happens, only a trip to Sam’s family ranch—and revealing the whole, not-always-glamorous, truth about themselves—will give them a chance to turn one magical night into forever . . .

I’ve been intentionally seeking out more AOC reads to add to my library and review blog. When If The Boot Fits first showed up on my social media radar, I was IN LOVE with the cover. But when this gem appeared on NetGalley I was pretty darn sure it was a sign from the Romancelandia powers that be.

Not only did I love If The Boot Fits, as soon as I flipped the last digital page, I ran right and grabbed a copy of A Cowboy to Remember, the first in the Cowboys of California series.

Since I’ve mentioned that If the Boot Fits is the second in a series BUT you do not need to read book one for it to all make sense. However I’d recommend reading it simply because Ms. Weatherspoon is such a gifted and rich author who brings a hard to achieve dynamic to her writing by balancing deep emotion and light hearted banter.

The opening of If the Boot Fits is one of my favorite ones ever. We meet Amanda as she’s taking the Walk of Shame from Sam’s bed… unfortunately she, unwittingly, also took a souvenir when she confused her Oscar after party gift bag with her paramour’s… and accidentally pilfered his award!

See what I’m saying about literally laughing out loud?

One of my favorite parts of If the Boot Fits is Amanda. Not only did she come to Hollywood to pursue a career OTHER THAN acting, which was a refreshing change to read, but also? Our girl has curves. And I don’t mean curves that are unrealistic on a Barbie level, but legitimate curves. She doesn’t just have the hips and chest of an impossibly designed woman, she has a thick waist to make her proportions believable and well-appreciated to see portrayed in fiction. Not only did Amanda possess a thicker body, she embraced it and owned it.

Ms. Weatherspoon brought all the entertaining banter, but didn’t skimp one the steam. Sam and Amanda set the pages on fire with sexy times that are off. the. charts!

Thanks to NetGalley and Rebekah Weatherspoon for this fabulous ARC.

Where to find If the Boot Fits



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