Being Merry by: Meka James ~ A holiday book review

Noelle Cameron won’t let being basically homeless in a new state dampen her Christmas spirit.

Thanks to her coworker, she has a temporary housing possibility. However, her new potential roommate is about as welcoming as the Grinch. But Noelle refuses to let scowls and snide remarks about her festive attire steal her joy. Winning over the cranky Lennox will be a victory sweeter than sugar cookies.

Lennox Sutton doesn’t want to live with anyone. Unfortunately, one well delivered guilt trip from her sister means taking in the woman wearing a reindeer headband and an attitude that goes past glass half full to it completely spilling over. Now she’s stuck with a person who embodies everything Lennox dislikes about the holiday season. But beneath the ugly sweaters shines someone whose company Lennox could enjoy.

A meddling sister and a dash of Christmas magic might have these two polar opposites finding new ways to enjoy the season of giving.

My perpetually late self is probably better off posting reviews on Mondays ESPECIALLY when those reviews are like todays.

Being Merry is the next installment in the Desert Rose Hook-ups novella series by Meka James (a series that, if you’ve not already experienced, you really need to) and is the perfect holiday addition you never knew you needed.

Noelle is basically Buddy the Elf. Her birthday is on Christmas, she has a Christmas themed name, and she embodies the holiday like no other, rocking her ugly sweaters and over the top headbands like it is second nature. But there are REASONS for this, which we will get back to later.

Lennox on the other hand is a bit of a Grinch. Now she doesn’t totally hate the season, but she is much more interested in blowing stuff up on her gaming device than she is with decorating. Or shopping. Or… anything else actually related to Christmas.

How do our two ladies meet? This is a delightful bend to the forced proximity trope where Noelle is brand spankin’ new to the area and needs a place to stay that is a wee bit cheaper than the extended stay hotel she’s currently occupying. Lennox has recently broken up with her long term girlfriend and is looking forward to a little peace and quiet in her home. But, see, Lennox also has a sister a tiny bit on the meddling side who arranges for Noelle to move in with Lennox… without actually asking Lennox herself.

While Noelle’s perpetually holly jolly self is a little (okay, maybe a lot) grating to Lennox, we need to discuss some of her whys because… they are deep y’all. Noelle works as a child therapist, specifically for children with severe/long term medical conditions. Some of whom are terminal. So, yeah, you kinda have to love Noelle’s excessive joy when you take in all that her life encompasses.

As with every installment of the Desert Rose Hook-ups series, Being Merry brings high heat, instant attraction, all tied up with a sweat thread that makes you root for the couple and not just want them in bed together, but want them to recognize their full happily ever after. Thankfully Ms. James is adept at not only bringing the sexy times to scorching levels that will, undoubtedly, require you keep a nice full bottle of water handy, and maybe a fan, but also manages to bring a meaningful story with an emotional pull even in a few words.

Being Merry is an excellent choice for a quick holiday read with tons of fiery lady love that will have you begging for more. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect Christmas read amid all the hustle and bustle.

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