A CHEQUERED ROMANCE by: Lawson Brook ~ Book Review

What happens when the Prime Minister of Great Britain falls in love with an African Revolutionary Leader?

After having a brief relationship during their University days at Oxford, George and Masimba go their separate ways. A decade passes. George works his way up the slippery political ladder, becoming Prime Minister at the spectacularly young age of 29. Masimba, on the other hand, returns to his homeland of Zimbabwe to forge his own political career, eventually becoming opposition leader and fighting for the freedom of his people.

Civil war ensues in Zimbabwe, and George watches from Britain as his ex-boyfriend’s life hangs in the balance. Concerned for Masimba’s safety, and harbouring a pent-up desire to meet him again, George arranges for Masimba to be granted exile in the Ethiopian Embassy in Britain. Masimba reluctantly agrees, but as he arrives in London, he realises that his feelings for George are still strong.

George’s decision to help Masimba is not popular. He has to contend with disapproval from the tabloid press, the King of England and from the President of the United States, no less. And he also faces a threat to his Premiership from political rivals who smell blood. Both the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary manoeuvre themselves into position to oust George as PM. To make matters worse, George’s secret love affair with the Chancellor has recently ended acrimoniously.

What George wants more than anything else is to meet up with Masimba again, and rekindle their romance. And when an opportunity arises for them to spend a weekend together at the Prime Minister’s private residence, Chequers, George seizes the moment and Masimba gladly accepts his invitation.

Against all odds, will romance succeed at Chequers?

Apologies for running late once again. Day job woes and real life stealing away my time from reviewing and blogging on time.

First a huge thank you to the author for sending me a copy for A Chequered Romance.

A Chequered Romance is similar to Red, White, and Royal Blue with a bit of Scandal thrown in the mix (sadly without the fabulous Ms. Pope), so the premise intrigued me immediately. George it the Prime Minister of Britain with a rather checkered (pun completely intended) past when it comes to romance. He has had flings with some very prominent people including one who is a married member of his cabinet. Very scandalous.

This is told in third person from multiple point of views. I mention this specifically because I know some readers can have trouble connecting to the main characters when multiple POV’s are thrown in the mix. For me, George was charming and endearing enough to pull me in, but it’s a point to mention because it can be a stumbling block for some readers.

George is faced with a hefty decision when his first love Masimba Dewele’s life is in jeopardy in his home country of Zimbabwe where he is the leader of the opposition bent on taking down a corrupt government. His heart is still drawn to Masimba and George takes some possibly questionable tactics toward insuring Masimba’s safety when he sends special forces to extract the other man from the perilous civil war he’s found himself in. Not a… wholly ethical decision and one that George may live to regret when the British Press catches wind of this.

A Chequered Romance is a fast paced MM romance which features some heavy story lines including political scandals and the desperate lengths men and women in power are willing to go to retain their standings and further climb the ladder of political success. I think sometimes the depth of the betrayals and slanderous actions of those involved as they claw their way to the top overtook some of the romance. I would have loved to see a bit more of of George and Masimba’s more carefree college days played out since their adult lives have taken such serious turns where practically their every move could have dire consequences.

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