WICKEDLY EVER AFTER, An Anthology Review


Something wicked this way comes–and this time, wicked is going to win.

Villains are the heroines and heroes of their stories and in this anthology they are going to be the leading players–and finally find love. In these 10 stories you will find villains from fairy tale, folklore and myth. From the familiar to the fantastic. From Hades to Grendel.

You’ll meet:
A man who gets more than he expected by binding himself to a selkie,
A woman who discovers the loveable Beast in the young man she once knew,
A mermaid who is not meant to be with a prince,
A witch who has so much more to offer than a cabin made of sweets,
A singer who has promised something she cannot deliver and gets help from an unexpected source,
And more. If you’ve ever rooted for a witch, an evil fairy or a wolf, this anthology is for you.

My “Sunday” review, as usual with me, is late. Yeah, this is just kind of my brand and lots of love to everyone who puts up with my habitual tardiness.

I tend to see things in a fairly balanced light in both my readerly life and my real life and can almost always see all points of view. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to hate on some villains and have wished for bad things to happen to them more often than not. But when it comes to more classic tales? I… kinda want to know what makes the Wicked Witch wicked and what, if anything, can undo the evil ties that bind.

So when I came across Wickedly Ever After, I immediately wanted to know more. I hesitated for only the briefest of moments because… this is an anthology.

Not to hate on anthologies at all because I think they are awesome, but sometimes you just never know what you’re going to get so I definitely entered into this read with trepidation and the knowledge that I, most likely, wouldn’t be into some of these stories.

I was pleasantly proven wrong when most of the bite-sized stories of classic villains getting a very different ending than they are used to gave me all the happy sighs and satisfied feels. My personal favorite was Sea & Hearth.

I will also say that I really appreciated the inclusive representation of M/F, M/M, and F/F pairings. It’s not always something you see represented so diversely, but a pleasant surprise when I realized what a wide variety of love was shown.

Wickedly Ever After is a delightful read with a twist on the classic hero vs villain and perfect if you only have a short lunch or small break to fill and want to get a complete story in during that time.

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