Sunday Book Review! THE REVOLUTIONARY AND THE ROGUE by: Blake Ferre

For anyone who knows me, they know that I greedily devour nearly anything romance related from paranormal to contemporary to suspense in any pairing (or more!) available.


Historical is not my normal go-to. There are a precious few authors that I will read across the board regardless of the time period, but on the whole I prefer hanging in a more contemporary or even slightly futuristic era.

However. 😉

When The Revolutionary and The Rogue popped up on my NetGalley homepage, I was immediately intrigued. The colors are very grabbing and the cover immediately captures your attention. But beyond that, I’m French and adore all things Frenchy. And thus your girl hit that request button with super quickness.

The Revolutionary and The Rogue takes a famous, yet painful time in French history and moves it from the macro scale lesson you learn in school to a micro level. Because even in the midst of social uprising and civil war, people are still living life. Still meeting. Still falling in love.

Even when they perceive their counterpart to be on the opposite side of the battle. In addition to a gripping love story, The Revolutionary and The Rogue also weaves a deeper storyline that is timeless about class bias and holding preconceived notions about anyone not like you.

The Revolutionary and The Rogue is available for preorder now and add to your GoodReads TBR today!

Where to find The Revolutionary and The Rogue



Barnes & Noble


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