Sunday Book Review! BEAUREGARD AND THE BEAST by: Evie Drae


Champion MMA fighter Adam Littrell needs no distractions as he prepares for the fight that will determine whether he retires. But when he opens the door of his swanky Las Vegas home to his new personal assistant, Bo Wilkins, staying focused becomes a struggle.

Aware of Adam’s surly reputation, Bo doesn’t expect to like his new employer, let alone fall for him. But Bo is pleasantly surprised when a shared love of books leads them to study for their GEDs together and plan for a life after their current careers. Adam won’t be able to fight forever, and Bo wants a relationship on equal footing.

But just as their relationship is getting off the ground, the sister Bo raised needs his help, and he drops everything. With Adam’s final match looming and Bo in a different city, reuniting will be the real challenge.


Of all the book reviews I’ve ever written, today is the most meaningful to me. First because I had the privilege of seeing Beauregard and the Beast from concept to execution to reality. But also because the creator of this particular gem happens to be one of the top three most important people in my life.

Before I get into the actual review, you may wonder why you should even bother since I am clearly biased toward the author. Here’s why: Evie Drae is not only my best friend, but also an invaluable critique partner. Our personal relationship carries an unheard of level of honesty that carries over into our writing. We absolutely tell each other with painful levels of truth when things aren’t working.

Folks, you need to understand… everything here works!

In addition to being the unrepentant founder and number one member of the Evie Drae fan club, Beauty and the Beast happens to be my absolute favorite Disney cartoon of all time. So when my beloved bestie proposed a gender bending retelling of my favorite animated film, I was all in. And you should be too!

In an updated (and much needed) change from the original story, our adorkably precious Beauregard “Bo” Wilkins is not kidnapped by The Beast. Instead he is hired to be the PA for the hulking MMA fighter who, from all appearances, earned such a fear inducing moniker honestly. So sweet, kinda innocent Bo feels like he might be traipsing into the lion’s den by taking the job.

But you know what they say about assumptions.

Adam “Beast” Littrell is anything but the intimidating creature the media hypes him to be. That is, not outside the ring. When Adam steps into the octagon he is focused and intent. In his everyday life he is an aging MMA superstar looking for something more substantial than a championship title: love and family.

Two things Bo offers wrapped in a small, serious package.

Bo seemingly has tunnel vision, fixated on being the best PA he possibly can. However, all too soon both men are overcome with near palpable attraction for the other. One that extends far beyond lusty need (we’ll come back to that) to a deep mental and emotional connection that challenges both men to become better versions of themselves and draws them increasingly closer.

As things move from shy admiration to pantingly hot desire, a bit of real life slams into their burgeoning relationship in the spunky, sassy form of Bo’s little sister, and the reason he needed the intimidating position as Adam’s PA to begin with, Lulu. She is a typical eighteen year old with one notable exception: she is the apple of her big brother’s eye. Both a special position to hold… and a slightly overwhelming one. Her own drama manages to thread its way into Bo and Adam’s tenuous connection, putting their future in question.

Let’s just circle back to the lust I mentioned earlier. Evie Drae is an absolute master of sexual attraction between her characters that culminates in the steamiest intimate scenes I’ve ever read. Her natural poetic way with words carries into her character’s sexy times and manages to amplify the heat to unbearable levels. Pro tip: keep your partner or favorite battery operated boyfriend nearby. They won’t go to waste.

If you love fairytale retellings, you need to grab Beauregard and the Beast.

If you love gender bending takes on classics, you need to grab Beauregard and the Beast.

If you love gay romance, you need to grab Beauregard and the Beast.

If you love romance with a guaranteed HEA that is super deserved, you need to grab Beauregard and the Beast.

If you love beautifully crafted stories, you need to grab Beauregard and the Beast.

Basically if you have more than two brain cells bopping around in your cranium, you really need to grab your own copy of Beauregard and the Beast RIGHT THIS SECOND. And to help you out, I am including the links so you can one click ASAP.

Where to find Beauregard and the Beast


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